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Spare parts


What material are the fences made of?

All our products are made of high-quality European wood. The ONE4all system is made of solid birch wood and beech wood.

The Strolch System, Save Dreams bed guards and Mobily fences are made of solid beech wood. (back)

What types of varnish are used?

Only varnishes which comply with the European standard EN 71-3 are used. It is a sweat and saliva resistant double varnish. (back)

Up until what age can the safety barriers be used?

All articles are suitable for children up to a maximum age of 24 months. (back)

In what colours are the safety gates/ playpens available?

  • ONE4all: Beechwood unpainted, beechwood with clear varnish, birchwood with white varnish, birchwood with clear varnish
  • The Strolch System is available in the version made of beech with a clear varnish finish or unpainted.
  • The Krabbel-Hit System is currently only available in the version made of beech with a clear varnish finish. (back)

How big / high are the individual elements?

ONE4all and Strolch: All fence and door elements are 70 cm high and 90 cm wide.

Krabbel-Hit: All standard fence and door elements are 70 cm high and 100 cm wide. (Exceptions: The special fence element "Terzio" is only 38,5 cm wide and the fence elements of "Fuego" are 70 cm wide.) (back)

Do the safety gates have to be screwed onto the wall?

Yes, all barriers have to be firmly screwed onto the wall to achieve maximum stability. (Exception: the article Mobily) (back)

How are the safety barriers attached to the wall?

The scope of delivery includes 8 mm screws and dowels for fastening the system. All you need is a drill. (back)

Are the playpens/ safety gates foldable?

No, the articles are not foldable or collapsible. Our construction prevents the possibility of your child’s fingers getting pinched (the elements don’t rotate against each other, because the elements are rigidly connected with each other, not flexibly connected). The barriers are hence not foldable because of safety reasons and to ensure high stability. (back)

At what angles can the safety barriers be set up?

The base pedestals can be set at angles of 90°, 105°, 120° and 135°.

To ensure an ideal and very flexible installation, in a complete system there is always a base pedestal which can be steplessly adjusted between 90° and 135°. (back)

What is the difference between the products "Strolch" and the products "One4all"?

The main difference between the One4all System and the Strolch System is the material used in the products. The One4all System is made of solid birch wood, while the Strolch System is made of solid beech wood. The locking mechanism is also different.

The dimension and design of the fence is identical. (back)

How is the door element opened? Is the lock child-proof??

ONE4all: the door is opened by pulling back the locking latch (there where the prominent round hole can be seen) and slightly lifting the door wing, in order to lift the twistlocks from the respective bore holes. This operation can be carried out using one hand.

STROLCH: the door is opened by pulling back the locking latch (the prominent round wooden disk) and slightly raising the door wing, to lift the twistlocks from the respective bore holes. This operation can be carried out using one hand.

KRABBEL-HIT: The gate is released by pulling back the sliding lock. The next stage is to lift the gate. Which releases the pins in the upper and lower section of the gate. The gate will now open in both directons.The gate is closes by reversing this procedure.

Children under 24 months old cannot open the door mechanisms.

For further information the assembly instructions for all articles are also available for you in the product descriptions of each article. (back)

How much distance does there have to be between the fence and a fireplace/ stove?

The distance between the safety fence and a source of heat must be at least 80 cm. (back)

Can the articles also be set up outdoors??

Our articles are not weatherproof, and should therefore only be set up in an absolutely dry environment on a level surface. (back)


What are the delivery costs?

Here you will find a detailed overview of our delivery costs. (back)

What countries can the articles be sent to?

In our shop you can place orders with delivery addresses in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain

You will find further information on delivery on the page "Transport Costs and Delivery Times". (back)

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 2-3 days (delivery address within Germany). You will find a detailed overview of the transport times in other European countries on the page "Transport Costs and Delivery Times". (back)

What transport companies are used for delivering the articles?

We cooperate with DPD. Here (DPD homepage) you find more information about the international partners of the DPD-company. (back)

Is a delivery to Switzerland possible? What are the costs and is VAT reimbursed?

A delivery to Switzerland is possible. There are additional processing costs for customs. These additional costs are already included in the delivery costs (Delivery Cost Overview).

The recipient must pay the import sales tax.

Please note that for the customs processing it is absolutely essential that the invoice and delivery address are identical. (back)


How can I pay for my order?

For the order processing you can choose between a payment by PayPal, payment by SOFORTbanking, payment by credit card and payment by standard bank transfer (advance payment). (back)

How does the payment option “SOFORTbanking” work?

Here you can find out how simple and secure the “Instant transfer” is: Explanation by SOFORT AG (SOFORTbanking). (back)

Return/ Cancellation Right

Can I return the article?

You can make use of your statutory right to return goods. You will find the statutory right to return goods here. (back)

Do I have a warranty right?

There is a statutory warranty right for all products. (back)

Spare parts

I need a spare part which isn’t listed to be ordered as an individual part. Can I still order it?

Naturally most individual parts can be reordered. With regard to this please contact us by e-mail (info@felibaby.com) or by using our contact form. (back)

Does your question not appear here?

We would be glad to help you if you require any further information. Please contact us by e-mail or by using our contact form. We will then soon get in touch with you.